Why is the dog dressed?

Kälte Winter

You hear this question more often as a wind chime owner. For many it may be incomprehensible why a dog walks around in colorful coats. But is that really so wrong?

Dogs, just like people, can get cold and it's not good for them. It means stress and it also has other negative effects on the body. A dog that is freezing will no longer move naturally, arch its back, walk on three legs or tremble extremely. This has health damage - back pain, protective posture, colds, cystitis - the result. We also dress warmly when it's cold outside, so why let our best friend shiver?

Many sighthound breeds, especially greyhounds, have very short coats and no undercoat. This means that they are not sufficiently protected against the cold “by nature”. Many small dogs also get colder more because they are closer to the ground. You should keep a close eye on your dog and if he's showing signs of getting cold, don't hesitate to put a coat or suit on him. Regardless of whether the dog is already freezing at 16 degrees or only around 0 degrees, you should always pay attention to the individual needs of your dog.

Every dog ​​is different, and everyone has their own quirks. One likes suits that cover all four legs, the other prefers a coat that simply warms the kidneys. Listen to your dog, it doesn't always have to be what everyone else recommends.

We handle it like this: Balu and Bertl run around a lot - play and romp in the forest - let's dress them in something lighter, thinner. For example this jumper .

If they are on a leash in the city where they cannot move as fast and as much, they also put on thicker layers and warmer clothes. Like this coat .

If they can't move at all, like in the car when we're going somewhere, then they need comfortable but warm clothes that they can sleep comfortably in, like these suits .

Just like us humans, our greyhounds also need protection from the cold in the form of clothing. This should primarily be functional and fit the dog. But it can also be stylish and chic. If the little ones have to wear something, why not something that compliments the beautiful bodies of our greyhounds and pleases us owners?

We are always at your disposal if you have any questions about dog clothing. You can contact us via the contact form on Instagram and Facebook .

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