About Us

Karma Hund creates high-quality products for dogs that are not only practical and functional but also modern and stylish.

At our headquarters in Berlin, we design and manufacture our products with great attention to detail. As proud owners of three Italian Greyhounds, we understand the importance of using products that fit their body shape and cater to weather conditions based on our own experience.

We bring a wealth of experience from the fashion and product design industries, as well as e-commerce. Our focus is on creating products for sighthounds such as Italian Greyhounds and Whippets, as well as for Dachshunds.

We extensively test our cuts and designs on a variety of dogs to ensure a perfect fit and utmost comfort. This process has provided us with valuable insights into the different body shapes and needs of various dog breeds, which we incorporate into the development of our products.

For us, Karma Hund is more than just a business - it is a matter of the heart. We believe that every product we create can enrich the lives of dogs and their owners. We take pride in crafting our products with care and using high-quality materials to ensure they are not only functional but also durable.