The perfect equipment for your dog

For us dog owners, everyday, functional, yet stylish equipment for the dog is an important issue. The main products here are leashes, harnesses and collars.

At Karma-Hund you have the right thing for every occasion. Our most popular products are the Air Mesh harnesses: these are ergonomically perfectly adapted to the dog, are padded and have two metal rings for attaching the leash, a dog tag, AirTag or to secure it in the car. They are light and strong, easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

For greyhounds , dachshunds and whippets , these harnesses are ideal for everyday use. However, the harnesses also fit many other dog breeds. We are happy to advise you here. Just send us an email to: and we will help you to choose the size.

For sports activities such as cycling or jogging, the products in the Sport Harness range are best suited. These harnesses are wider, with a ring further back on the back, so that the dog is more comfortable pulling in the harness. Of course you can also use these harnesses in everyday life, but keep in mind that they are less safe if your dog tends to squirm backwards out of his harness.

You will find a large selection of collars at Karma-Hund. The Biothane collars are absolutely practical and suitable for everyday use. You can simply wipe them off, they are soft and robust, comfortable and simple. If you like it simple, the Biothane collars are perfect for you and your dog.

The collars from the Swedish brand Collar of Sweden, specially designed for greyhounds, are colourful, stylish and a real eye-catcher. The popularity of the brand is not without reason: these products are light, easy to use and just look super cool on the dog's neck!

We also have the right leashes for your harness or collar! The most popular here are the sport leashes , you can adjust them as you like, either very long, or wear them around your body so that your hands are free, or lead two dogs on the same leash... You have many options. The leash is light and feels good in the hand. The leashes padded with air mesh are also available as short leashes .

If you like it simple, you can look forward to the Biothane lines : they are 160 cm long, have a hand strap with a ring and a small, light carabiner at the end. Perfect for just grabbing the dog and going for a walk.

The rope lines from the Sixfeet brand are special and cheerful. These are lovingly hand-dyed and knotted and made by dear Sarolta in Hungary. Each leash is unique and tells its own story. You can also wear the leashes around the body or on the hips.

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