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Training for greyhounds and their owners

Back then, when Balu came to us, we often heard the following statement: You can't train a greyhound (greyhound)! Sensitive, stubborn and independent as they are, we thought so too. Until we met Monika. She is a versatile, open and very authentic trainer who knows everything (really everything!) about greyhounds. With her we finally felt understood and cared for and our two greyhounds now thank us for all the effort we put into the training together with Monika. While a misbehaved greyhound may be fun, a well-balanced and laid-back little significant other is all the sweeter!

greyhound training Balu training with Monika

greyhound training Bertl training with Monika

veganVet - plant-based dog nutrition

We have tried a lot with Balu's diet. When we got him from his breeder, he was only fed dry food. We kept the dry food, but Balu had problems with digestion. Then, on the advice of our vet, we tried different foods. Dry food, wet food, BARF - the result was always the same - he didn't take it well. Everything changed with Bertl. He comes from a kennel where all dogs are fed purely plant-based. Christine from veganVet created nutrition plans for Bertl and Balu. Pure plant-based food, part dry food, part home-cooked components (which are a normal part of our diet) and additives - all easy to use. Both dogs tolerate the food very well and eat it with pleasure. Balu did the change immediately well. The digestive problems are gone. Now we have two purely vegetable-fed greyhounds living healthy and happily with us.
Since many friends and acquaintances have reported similar problems, we would like to recommend Christine and Uwe as helpers for dog nutrition.